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About Carl Zeiss Vision


ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. Founded in 1846 in Jena. With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress.

The Vision Care business group is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses and ophthalmic instruments. The business group develops and produces offerings for the entire eyeglass value chain that are distributed globally under the ZEISS brand. The business group is allocated to the Vision Care/ Consumer Products segment.

What makes ZEISS quality so special?

Consumers have no trouble finding the names of manufacturers or brand logos of the frames of their glasses. Lenses, on the other hand, do not have logos that are instantly visible. Or do they? In fact, all ZEISS branded lenses have a Z on the glass to identify them as genuine ZEISS products.


ZEISS lenses have to pass extremely tough inspections to ensure they comply with all Carl Zeiss Standards before they even leave our production sites.

We laser engrave a tiny Z into all ZEISS branded lenses before they leave our laboratories. The Z icon is engraved into the surface of the lens. The laser operates at a wave length that ensures that the engraving is semi-transparent only so it will not interfere with the wearer’s vision. The ZEISS quality seal is visible only when you look at the lens, not when you look through it.

On bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses, the ZEISS laser engraving is placed in a position where it can still be easily identified once the glasses have been fitted into the frame by the optometrist.

What are the differences between ZEISS Lenses and generic lenses?

The subtle engraved ZEISS logo on your brand name lenses guarantees that you will enjoy optimum vision comfort. This state-of-the-art quality is achieved thanks to three unique technologies:
The purity of the raw materials materials thanks to in-house developed filter technologies
Premium selection guaranteed by particularly tough quality checks
Optimum light distribution thanks to innovative anti-reflective coating.

For those of you who would like to know all of the specifics that make zeiss lenses so different here have provided an overview below:


What kind of warranties do ZEISS branded lenses offer?

For all brand name lenses ordered after 01/01/2002, Carl Zeiss Vision offers a warranty period of 24 months. Lenses that were ordered prior to the above date have warranty coverage for 12 months.

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About Mazzucchelli

Sharing the same mission and values:
excellence in innovation and quality with a
focus on tradition and craftsmanship.

The cultural roots of Mazzucchelli stand in the company determination to always be a pioneer, in the vocation to research, technical and aesthetical innovation and in the experience and ability to collaborate with some of the best companies in the world.

The tiny factory, established in 1849, manufacturing combs and buttons made from animal horn, bone and tortoiseshell, became an international company with a highly sophisticated know-how, enabling Mazzucchelli 1849 to excel in the production of semi finished plastic materials with highly technical and aesthetical qualities.

Over three centuries entrepreneurial spirit, intuition, and vision have enabled Mazzucchelli 1849 to take a global view of the countless new challenges of the market and to converse with the fashion world which demands a particular sensibility to aesthetical and innovative features.

Mazzucchelli is one of those industries which exist for centuries,
yet remain amazingly up-to-date.
Each generation,
at given time, follows its calling which is the
search for the latest product, the most advanced technology,
the markets of tomorrow.
Its strength lies in tradition,
but a tradition of a very special kind:
the tradition of modernity.

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About OBE

The internationally active family company OBE GmbH & Co KG with its headquarters in Ispringen is today one of the world-wide leading large-scale manufacturers of precision mechanical metal parts.

OBE has established itself as a key supplier for the optical industry since its founding in 1904 in particular due to its role in developing spectacle hinges.

OBE have been manufacturing complex and high-precision components using the innovative MIM process in his mimplus® business sector for 20 years.

The production plant in Ispringen in the Northern Black Forest is characterized by latest manufacturing methods and an integrated quality management system guarantees a continually high production standard. OBE manufacturers according to the guidelines laid down in DIN ISO 9001:2008, ISO / TS 16949:2009, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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